NEW Handmade Birthday Greeting Card 2-Pack and Video

Ruthie's Greetings: NEW Handmade Birthday Card 2-Pack  and Video

Hey everyone!
I hope you all are having a great week! I've added a new birthday card 2-pack to Etsy. The "Birthday Girl" cards feature print outs of two of my original drawings. Also, check out my new YouTube video featuring myself that gives a sneak peek into the making of one of the cards.

The berry pink card has a girl who is rocking a puff  with a hot pink headband on the front. She is also wearing a hot pink shirt and blue jeans. The  girl is holding a cell phone and wearing earbuds. The wire is a metallic color that shines in the light.

The purple card features a Black woman with an Afro in a chair. She is knitting using a bluish green ball of yarn. The woman is wearing a yellow and white striped shirt with gray pants. Her pants are also a metallic color. The words "Happy Birthday" are at the bottom of the cards.

The "Birthday Girl" 2-pack is great to have on hand for birthdays! Visit the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy store to purchase them today!

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