(NEW) African-American Birthday and Blank Cards on Etsy

"The Blessed Birthday Girl" greeting card and gift tag pack from the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop

Hi everyone!
I hope you all are having a great evening! I have posted some brand new cards in the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop. They include the "Fraternal Twin Afro Style" 2-pack of blank greeting cards. I love the "Fraternal Twin Afro Style" cards because they are very stylish and cute. They are great to give to a friend or relative for a Birthday, Thinking of You, holidays, etc. You can also frame them! (smile).  I've also added the "Ladybug Afro Style" card. I love that card because it is stylish. I really enjoyed creating the woman on the card because her dress is adorned a bit like a ladybug. At the bottom of her feet is the message"Happy Birthday girl!" The inside message says, " Since you're always so stylish, I know your birthday will be no different!"

The last of the new cards that I've recently added are "The Blessed Birthday Girl" card and bookmarks. I know some of you liked the gift tags, so I thought it would be cute to do a card to match. This way, you have a cute little gift pack for your daughter, niece, sister, etc. The inside message of the card really expresses the fact that your recipient is blessed and blesses others around them. I really love the inside message because it stresses the fact that your loved one may have encountered many obstacles, but, by the grace of God they are still here. Please see the figure below for the lovely message. Please visit the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop for more information! God wiling, I will give you all another update soon on new items added. Also, don't forget to check out my natural hair blog, 
"Natural Hair Tales of 1BlessedNatural."

The "Fraternal Twins Afro Style" blank greeting cards from the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop

The "Ladybug Afro Style" birthday greeting card from the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop.

"The Blessed Birthday Girl" matching greeting card and bookmark pack from the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop.

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