Handmade 79th Birthday Card

Hey Ruthie's Greeting blog readers,
Sometimes, I find myself doing so many Ruthie's Greetings Character cards, that I have to remind myself
that I can do other types of cards lol.

Here is a picture of a 79th birthday card that I was hired to make. My customer did not have
any specific design in mind but, she wanted part of the Psalms 90:10 verse. I really wanted to make the card age appropriate and reminiscent of "back in the day". So, I went with the design. You guys know how  love flowers lol, so I had to add those too :-)

My customer loved the card! I sent her a picture of the card to her phone. She said she had a chance to zoom in on the pictures (provided by Stickerking, Inc), and really loved them!
"Classic 79th Birthday" handmade birthday card

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