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Ruthie's Greetings Hot Topics Discussion

Hey everyone!
I hope that you are enjoying your day. I've decided to start posting Ruthie's Greeting art discussions in between card blog posts.

The first topic is :

Does an artist need inspiration to create art?

Easter Card Sketches

Hey Everyone,
I have Easter card designs that I had been working on from last year. Here is a  picture of one of them!

I will be posting the finished product!

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Sorority Congratulatory Card

Hey Ruthie's Greetings blog readers,
I hope that everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I just wanted to share another
 Congratulatory card that I was hired to create. This card was for a Zeta of the Year award winner. I was given a picture of the recipient, and then I created the Ruthie's Greetings character.

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Ruthie's Greetings Updates!

Hey Everyone,
I know that I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy filling card orders.
I am also working on the Ruthie's Greetings website! 
Stay tuned! I will have more updates for you soon.