Kids Valentine's Day Card

"My Little Valentine " (Pink & blue) edition
This card was created for a mom's 8 year old son, to give to his friend. Valentine's Day cards are usually very serious, in that they target adults and highlight love. Traditional Valentine's Day cards are usually pink/ and or red. But I needed the card to represent the innocent love between children, So, I decided to make the card pink and blue to trace back to babies when they are born. Many of us dress them in blue if it is a boy, and pink if it is a girl. Here, I decided to stage two children playing ball. The little bugs give it more of a "kid feel". I think the heart in the middle capitalizes on the fact that this is a Valentine's Day card. My customer loved the fact that this card was personalized and a non-tradtional Valentine's Day card.

You can order this card and other Valentine's Day cards on !

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