Tips For Overwhelmed or Tired Crafters

It can be very overwhelming when you are a crafter or craft business owner. Some of
us also have full time jobs on top of everything else. Here are some tips that I have found to work.
for me.

1. Plan Ahead- It helps me to draw the design and colors that I am thinking, and then move onto the next step. It doesn't matter if you do not know how to draw. The important part is to record your idea. Sometimes you do have those inspirational moments by God where things flow without a plan in sight

2. Have Your Materials Ready- I read this one in the article on by Kiawarra called "Work Habits That Work". She advises that you put out all of your tools and materials that you are going to need before you begin working on your project. I love this tip because it's fustrating when you have to look for an item while you're in the middle of completing an order. This way you can stay focused and keep moving :-)

3. Work Ahead- Start working early on your projects. This way you can space out your activities, and won't get overwhelmed. This requires you to overcome procrastination lol. I have fought with this in the past lol. Procrastination is an enemy to your deadlines. I know what some of you are thinking, "Well, I seemed to do better when I wait until the last minute!" That may be true :-) But, why put yourself through unnecessary stress.

4. Talk To Other Crafters- You can always learn something new and support each other :-)

4. Have "Me" Time- It is important for you to make time for yourself. That time may include prayer, blogging :-), meditation, yoga, watching tv, or whatever you like to do. "Me" time helps you clear your mind and relax. We all need relaxation time :-) Set aside a time frame in the day (even if it's for 15 minutes) to have to yourself.

5. Have Fun- Cardmaking/Crafting can be very fun and therapuetic in itself. Make sure that you enjoy it.

If YOU have any TIPS, please SHARE :-)

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