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"Jamaican Dress" (Profile Pic) Handmade Greeting Card

I love this card. This card was actually customized from the recipient's profile pic on a social network. My customer and her friend both loved the card! We can customize your cards at
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My Love for Creating Handmade Cards

I have been very busy creating cards. It can get hectic sometimes, but I love it! There is nothing like being able to imagine a design & create it. The look on my customers and their recipients' faces is priceless. God is good, and I know that He has a hand in it all. We all have been given gifts. So, make sure you share them with the world :-)
                                          Sincerely,                                         Happy & Handmade

"Mommy's Bundle of Joy" (Baby Boy Edition) Handmade Greeting Card

I created this card for a friend. I had this design in my head for the longest (without the craft feathers) lol. When it was time to create it, I decided to use the feathers because they highlighted "Mommy", and they looked pretty lol. It actually made me think of the baby shower chairs that the mom usually sits in lol. The button on the left is actually closer to a yellow color than it appears. Fun card to create & the mommy-to-be loved it! Coming Soon to !

"Football Uniform" (yellow & black) Handmade Birthday Card

The "Football Uniform" greeting card was fun to create. I was hired by a family  memeber to create the card for her boyfriend who loved a specific team in the NFL with yellow & black uniforms. Because of copyrights, I could not use the team's name. So I decided to create my own uniforms instead! This is a great card for a guy for just about any occassion, because it can be customized with his favorite colors.
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"Halloween Birthday Jersey" Handmade Birthday Greeting Card

This was another Halloween card that I was hired to make. It was for a teen
who liked basketball and who's birthday was close to Halloween. The jersey
was hand stitched with thread. The bubble letters at the bottom were drawn and
cut out. I drew lines on them to make them look even more spooky lol I really
liked the way it came out. My cusotmer and her brother were very happy.