"Our Love Jersey" Handmade Card

This card was fun to create. My
customer wanted a red black/white or silver card that said
"I Love You".
 He already received a
red, black, and silver card so I figured the white
would be best. I decided to
use a stamp for the background
of the red paper. My customer
wanted a long poem. So, we
decided to have a team jersey
with her and her beau's name.
I actually ended up using white out
for the white on the jersey. I made a mistake
on the white. I was going to outline the 
black letters on the jersey with white.  But I liked
the white out. The spongy surface of the brush
made a nice design. So I decided to stick with it.But, I think
I will use acrylic paint next time.

You can view this card and many more at http://www.ruthiesgreetings.com/

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