"My Little Valentine" (Blue & Pink) Handmade Cards

"My Little Valentine" (pink & blue) handmade card

I know that it is not Valentine's Day lol. But I wanted to talk about this card. I have not
put it on my website http://www.ruthiesgreetings.com/, but I will post it soon... wayyy before Valentines
Day of next year lol.  I was hired to make this card for a co-worker's 8 year old son. He wanted to
give a custom card to his friend lol. So I thought of the idea of two kids rolling a ball and decided to
put a heart on the ball to make it more of Valentines Day card. When we think about Valentines Day,
we think of heart, red, pink, flowers, etc. I wanted this card to represent the two children and not be too serious. So I decided to use blue and pink, and bugs lol. My friend, her son, and his friend loved the card!

Mission Accomplished!!!

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