"Mother's Day Rose" Handmade Card

"Mother's Day Rose" Handmade Card

Ok, so Mother's Day passed quite a while ago lol. But I did not get a chance to post this one.
I love the way this card came out :-) I was hired by a friend to create this card for her boyfriend's mom. She did not have any specific design requests, so I was free to let my creative juices flow :-) (yay).
I drew my own cut- outs and used glitter glue. I outlined the Ruthie's Greetings Character to make her stand out from the background.I used a rose embellishment. I thought that it would give the card a nice touch.  My friend's recipient loved it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

You can also check out this card and others on my main website http://www.ruthiesgreetings.com/ !

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