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NEW Handmade Birthday Greeting Card 2-Pack and Video

Ruthie's Greetings: NEW Handmade Birthday Card 2-Pack  and Video

Hey everyone!
I hope you all are having a great week! I've added a new birthday card 2-pack to Etsy. The "Birthday Girl" cards feature print outs of two of my original drawings. Also, check out my new YouTube video featuring myself that gives a sneak peek into the making of one of the cards.

The berry pink card has a girl who is rocking a puff  with a hot pink headband on the front. She is also wearing a hot pink shirt and blue jeans. The  girl is holding a cell phone and wearing earbuds. The wire is a metallic color that shines in the light.

The purple card features a Black woman with an Afro in a chair. She is knitting using a bluish green ball of yarn. The woman is wearing a yellow and white striped shirt with gray pants. Her pants are also a metallic color. The words "Happy Birthday" are at the bottom of the cards.

The "Birthday Girl" 2-pack is great to have on hand for birthdays! Visit the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy store to purchase them today!

(NEW) Video and The "Happy Birthday Hubby" Handmade Card!

Ruthie's Greetings: (NEW) Video and The "Happy Birthday Hubby" Card

Hey everyone!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen the new video featuring the "Happy Birthday Hubby" handmade card. The video is called "An Idea to Paper" and provides a sneak peek into how one of our cards go from an idea to paper, lol! Check out the video below! You can view and purchase the "Happy Birthday Hubby" card  here: Ruthie's Greetings Etsy Shop

What other types of cards would you like to see in the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop?

(NEW) African-American Husband Birthday Cards

Ruthie's Greetings: African-American Husband Birthday Cards

Happy Saturday everyone!
I've recently added new handmade birthday cards for husbands to the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop!
They include the "Happy Birthday Husband" and  "To My Loving Husband" cards. Both  have messages on the insides in which your name and your recipient's name can be added. Please visit the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop for more information!

"Happy Birthday Husband" card available on Etsy

NEW Handmade Birthday Cards on Etsy!

Ruthie's Greetings: NEW Handmade Birthday Cards on Etsy

Hey everyone!
I've posted new African-American birthday cards in my Etsy shop! Some of the card designs feature cute and vibrant colors. There are also some items that are listed in the Clearance section. The cards above and below are just some of the cards.

Ruthie's Greetings: "Mr. TV Watcher" Birthday Card available for purchase on Etsy

Ruthie's Greetings: "Baby Girl Birthday" card.  This is one of my favorite cards. I love her Afro puffs! 

Visit the Ruthie's Greetings Etsy shop for more cards and purchase information.

New Ruthie's Greetings Card Line Coming Soon!

Ruthie's Greetings: New Ruthie's Greetings Card Line Coming Soon

Hey everyone!
It's been a long time, but I am back! I've been working on my new greeting card line that will (God willing) be released within the next couple of months. The picture above is a small preview of it. I will keep you all posted!