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New Quilled Birthday Cards

Hey everyone,

I hope all is well wherever you are. Hurricane Irene swept through our area and left down trees and power lines. But, I thank God for my life. I will continue to pray for those who lost loved ones and/or homes.

I have been working on my quilling techniques for my cards. I really enjoy quilling because it is very relaxing :-) This week I will be introducing two new quilled birthday cards on the Ruthie's Greetings website under the category "Natural Hair Cards" for purchase!

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Natural Hair Greeting Card & Product Giveaway Sponsored by Ruthie's Greetings

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Ruthie's Greetings Natural Hair Greeting Cards

Hey everyone, The first of the R.G. Natural hair greeting card line is finally on the website to purchase! God is good :-)

My First Attempt at Quilling Card

Hey everyone, 
I visited A.C.Moore last week to find quilling supplies. I found the "Twirled Paper" kit Jacqueline Lee.
In the picture above, I was practicing the different circles. I used the "Swirl Happy Birthday" rubber stamp by Rubber Stampede for the top. I forgot to get the toothpicks for the glue, so I ended up with too much glue on some of the pieces.


Happy Monday everyone!

I have realized that I am getting bored with my style of cards. So, I've decided to incorporate new styles into my own :-) I will be taking a shot at quilling this week. It looks fun and pretty cool to do. So, we will see... I will post pics soon. If you have tried quilling or are currently using this style, please share your experience.

                                                                                           Remember to keep Him first :-)

"Crawling Baby Girl" (Pink & White) Handmade Baby Shower Card

Hey everyone,
This card was created for a friend. Since I liked the "Crawling Baby Girl" original design, I decided to recreate it with a twist :-)

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