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Custom Handmade Sympathy Card

Good Evening Ruthie's Greetings Blog Readers :-)
The subject of death is never an easy one. But, I am thankful to  for the opportunity to help comfort a person who has lost someone.  The "Mourning Flowers" card was created and customized for a woman who recently lost her husband. The inside contains a custom message from the giver and Psalms 121:1 from the Holy Bible.  

Until next time, Stay Blessed :-) R.G.

Valentine's Day Handmade DIY Card Tutorial

Hey Everyone,
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend :-). Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I know that many of you (and your children) like to create your own Valentine's Day Cards. Below, you will find the DIY instructions to create the "Mommy Love" handmade card :-) It's very simple. I hope that you enjoy creating it!

1. Your Favorite Scrapbooking Paper- preferably with hearts ( Scapbook paper in the picture is from Stickers Inc.
2. Inch Ruler
3. Cream-colored card stock- 5in x 7 in. folded in half
4. Hole Puncher
5. Scissors
6. Elmer's Glue Stick
7. Image Tree (by EK Success) "Loopy Letters, Upper ABC" Rubber Stamps
8. Red and Green Ink Pad- I use the Washable Ink Pad by Melissa & Doug (R)
9. Small square piece of pea-green colored Card Stock
10. Double-sided tape or adhesive pen

3. Use your double-sided tape or adhesive pen to adhere the square to the front of your card stock


You can even attach a …

"Blocks Birthday Girl" Custom Handmade Card

Hey Everyone!
I have another birthday card that I completed this past weekend. It is approx 8 1/2 in x 10 1/2 in card. Some of you may remember the jumbo "Twin Vibes" cards that I created. I wanted to do a girl version of "Blocks Birthday Boy" card, and I thought that this was the perfect time to do it.  I created the card for a baby girl who was turning 3.The sign and blocks are all in 3-D. So, they are raised from the rest of the card.

                                                                                  Until the next post,
                                                                                    Stay blessed :-)

Handmade "Bumblebee Birthday" Card

This card was definately different for me. It was a lot of fun to create!

This design was actually requested by my customer. She wanted the card for a fellow teacher whose classroom had a Bumblebee theme.She wanted Bumblebees, buzzing around flowers in the front. She wanted bees flying around on the inside with her special personalized message. The bees   actually standout from the background. Their wings are a iridescent white. They shimmer and turn colors when the light hits them.
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Felt Flower, Handmade Birthday Card

Hey Ruthie's Greeting blog readers,
You may remember the "Felt Bags" blog post that I wrote a while ago. I was hired to create a birthday card for a woman's friend who loves fashion. I decided to use a felt flower with a brad. The Ruthie's Greetings Character's hair style was also based on the hair style of the recipient. She is also 3D. So, she stands out from the rest of the card.

Handmade Card Tutorials

Hello Ruthie's Greetings Blog Readers,
I will soon be introducing Ruthie's Greetings card tutorials.
The first theme will be Valentine's Day.

Please stay tuned :-)


Valentine's Day Card for Dad

Have you ever found yourself walking up and down the aisle searching for a Valentine's Day card
for your father, boyfriend, husband, etc? You end up finding a bunch of cards that are red and pink with hearts, and not really designed for your audience. This is why I created the "Driving By Show Some Love" card. Although blue is not considered to be a "Valentine's Day" color, I thought that it would be a good choice for my customer's father. I thought that the hearts in the back of the truck would be a cute way to show love :-) Let me know what you think...
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Kids Valentine's Day Card

This card was created for a mom's 8 year old son, to give to his friend. Valentine's Day cards are usually very serious, in that they target adults and highlight love. Traditional Valentine's Day cards are usually pink/ and or red. But I needed the card to represent the innocent love between children, So, I decided to make the card pink and blue to trace back to babies when they are born. Many of us dress them in blue if it is a boy, and pink if it is a girl. Here, I decided to stage two children playing ball. The little bugs give it more of a "kid feel". I think the heart in the middle capitalizes on the fact that this is a Valentine's Day card. My customer loved the fact that this card was personalized and a non-tradtional Valentine's Day card.

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