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"Pink B-Day Dress" (Gothic Style) Handmade Birthday Card

"Pink Birthday Dress) (Gothic Style)
I was hired to make this card for a young lady who wanted a card to keep for her birthday. Her favorite color was pink and black. It made me think of the pink dress with a twist. The lines on the dress are hand drawn. She loved this one!

"Blue Bell Dress" (Birthday) Handmade Card

"Blue Bell Dress" (Birthday) Cards I was hired to make this card for a friend of a friend who was turning 25 years old. Her favorite color was blue. I chose this design because it was something that was elegant and age appropriate. I used abluish purple textured card stock for the dress. I think the pattern on the ribbon and the rose is just enough against the plain blue background. This dress pattern has become one of the signature patterns for Ruthie's Greetings. I will post the other designs soon.

"Brother's B-Day Shirt" (Origami Shirt) Handmade Card

"Brother's B-Day Shirt I made this card for a woman's brother. His favorite color was red. Origami shirts are great for male cards.So  I thought this was perfect for him! The solid khaki color was a good choice because it matched the polka dots, and made the red stand out. Inside the card, she wanted a message that highlighted her brother's character, but wasn't too long. So, I chose the "a.k.a" characteristics lol. They were both pleased with this card :-)
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"Winter Girl" Card Handmade Card

"WinterGirl" Birthday Card Soon to be posted on I know it's the summer time lol, but I wanted to highlight this card.  I created this card for a friend's birthday, and she loved it :-) I created this character about three years ago. I decided to finally make it into a card. I was going to use a computer font for the words, but I thought that script writing was the best fit. I will be working on more cards with the "WinterGirl"character. If you would like a customized card with her using different colors, please comment or visit So MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

"Panda Birthday" Handmade Card

"BirthdayPanda" *Soon to be posted on
This card was a lot of fun to make! I previously created the design with the panda holding the birthday cake, about three years ago. Originally, the birthday cake had yarn on the top to make a pattern representing the icing. I thought it was cool to revisit this idea for this 8 year old son's birthday card. His mom loved it! This card is also using hand drawn, cut, and outlined pieces.Yes, the eyes move when you move the card lol.
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Puppy Birthday Card

Puppy Love Birthday" Neopolitan Icecream Inspired ;-)

The dog and her features are all raised from the paper. So you can feel the spots, hearts,tongue etc. if you run your hands over it. You gotta love handmade cards! Neo's eyes are a metallic silver color.

I woke up one morning with the idea of a Neopolitan icecream dog in my head lol.
I sketched the idea several times on paper. Here's what I've come up with!

Inside: "My little girl is one year older,

One year prettier,

And one year smarter.

This also means that I have been blessed

for another year ♥

Happy Birthday" *

*The inside can be customized for you.

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