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"Valentine's Baby Bear " Card and Others Are Now Available on

I had a lot of fun creating this card. I couldn't find a colored pencil
for the bear's eyes, so I used white out lol. I actually like the effect
better than if I had used a colored pencil. I am just joining
the scene of stamping artists, and I really like it. The teddy
bear is sitting on a bumpy texured cardstock background.
I found the cardstock at a bargain store the other day.
They were cardblanks, but too thin to make into cards so
I used it to decorate the card.

This card and other Valentine's Day cards are now available for
purchase on .

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards!

I was hired to create these cards.  These are my favorite Valentine's Day cards. I can customize a card for you at!
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Ruthie's Greetings Cards

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